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Cosmetic Botox has been around for decades and has been used within cosmetics for treating wrinkles for over 15 years. The most common areas Botox is used for includes the frontalis muscle (forehead lines), glabellar region (frown lines or 11’s) and lateral canthal lines (crows feet). While proper Botox dosages in these areas regularly and reliably reduce or in many cases eliminate wrinkles there are many other areas that Botox has been found effective. Less common areas include a “lip-flip” at the peak of the cupid’s bow of the lips, wrinkles around the bridge of the nose (bunny lines), the masseter musculature (for teeth grinding and TMJ) as well as the mentalis muscle for chin dimpling. 

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Very simply, Botox relaxes the muscle in which its injected. By reducing the amount of contraction of the muscle you also reduce the amount of wrinkles seen within the targeted area. The average treatment lasts 3-4 months, at which time the muscle will gradually begin to activate as the medication begins to wear off.

Within MQ Enhancements we strictly use Cosmetic Botox due to its long-standing and reliable reputation along with the fact that patients notice its effects for the longest period of time. Properly administered, Cosmetic Botox provides patients with all of the effects of similar products on the market like Xeomin and Dysport. 

The amount of units used in each area differs depending on your desired outcome and will be discussed thoroughly during your consultation with MQ Enhancements to ensure optimal results.

Cosmetic Botox at MQ Enhancements Roches


Crows feet (lateral canthal lines)  The Crow’s feet, or smile lines, are commonly treated with between 12 and 24 units. People often notice the lines on the left side of their face are stronger due to the sun exposure when driving.


Frown lines (glabellar region) ((Need photo)) Treating the frown lines with an appropriate dosage can create a “brow lift” often leaving people appearing more awake and refreshed. The glabellar region is often treated with between 10 and 20 units.






BOTOX® Cosmetic (onabotulinumtoxinA) Important Information


BOTOX® Cosmetic (onabotulinumtoxinA) is indicated in adult patients for the temporary improvement in the appearance of:

– moderate to severe glabellar lines associated with corrugator and/or procerus muscle activity

– moderate to severe lateral canthal lines associated with orbicularis oculi activity

– moderate to severe forehead lines associated with frontalis activity




Pricing: Botox prices vary based on your treatment plan between $10 and $14 per unit.

Below is a link to the official Cosmetic Botox website to see more results like ours!

Forehead lines (frontalis muscle): Actual photo of MQ Enhancements patient before and 2 weeks after her botox treatment. 16 units were used to treat the frontalis muscle for her forehead lines in this case. This area is commonly treated with between 10 and 20 units.

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